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the-fabulous-heather said: The last one makes me think of my women residents at my old work place. One lady was a sweet heart to me and loved wearing bright outfits and shiny jewelry. :)

95% of my customers are old women. But I really am glad to work in my department. I’d rather be there than any where else. It’s definitely better than having to deal with the brats in the Juniors section or with men and their talent of making everything awkward and embarrassing. 






So simple to save a life.

Or you could all stop using that style of packaging. Because I’m sure as hell we don’t have shit like that in Australia. 

Believe me, environmentalists here have been trying to get better alternatives in place for years. Problem is the corporations can basically say “Nope” and there’s not much we can do short of pushing through a law banning the damned things, which hasn’t happened yet.

At my house we don’t get soda with this packaging very much. Probably less than 5 times the entire time I’ve been alive. Still even as a little kid I made sure to completely cut it up because I didn’t want to take any risks. I prob learned it from tv because that’s when tv actually taught kids things unlike shows now.

Juniors is full of cheap clothing and full of shoplifters. But the store doesn’t give that much of a fuck because the clothes are cheap and are sold by the shit load so they are still making a fortune from that department. 

Things That Old Women Like

Alfred Dunner 

Hasting and Smith pants

Writing checks in stores

Buicks - that they have their husband drive

Giant briefs from Lollipops underwear

Nylon Vanity Fair underwear… FULL BRIEFS ONLY

Clothes shopping at 10 am

Grasshoppers shoes

Miss Elaine nightgowns

Velour track suits

Lining up for lunch at Mehlman’s Cafeteria…at 10 am

Layering their clothes

Buying special outfits that match nothing else in their wardrobe

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